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Posted by Sue on 17/12/2014

A belated thank you to you, Val and Lesley for a great day on the 8th. I, too, could have stayed in the huddle at the end for hours! Grace said on the way home that spending the day as we had, particularly with the miserable weather outside, couldn't have been nicer. We were warm and dry, in convivial company, and building an uplifting and happy communal energy. Who could ask for more? Thank you again. Although I enjoyed all the dances, the one which has really stayed with me was one of yours, the taking in turns to support each other one - simple, direct and true. Love, Sue

Posted by Margaret on 17/12/2014

Hi Sally, Lesley and Val Thank you all for a lovely day on Saturday. Hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. great dances and lovely music. You are all very talented.

Posted by Gina on 17/12/2014

Thank you for Saturday. I'm sorry I couldn't stay all day. I love what you are doing, keep going. I also love listening your CDs, you all have a great choice of music. Love Gina

Posted by Beryl on 17/12/2014

I do hope this email will reach you. I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed sharing in your Dancing Day on Saturday, and how grateful I am to you and to Lesley and Val for leading us through such a lovely experience. Beryl X

Posted by lesley laslett on 13/08/2012   Email

Hello Lesley. just found the video for Wychcroft.. Once again thank you for all the hard work you put into editing it for us . such a help in teaching and what wonderful memories of the week end. Candles with Quanta Qualia was just beautiful. Thank you , you clever bunny, much appreciated much love Lesley xx

Posted by Sal the seal on 17/07/2012   Email

thanks ladies, it was very special despite poorly people. CD's on their way. Ali I'll send your via email. loads of love and light xxxx

Posted by Ali Cummin on 17/07/2012   Email

How many days is it since I left the fellowship of such wonderful women.... Thank you all for the Wychroft weekend, my body and soul was much in need of such an experince. The music just seems to pop into my mind at times as I continue to wander your wonderful Island and a smile and sometmes tears accompany the memory... Love, peace and thanks you all.

Posted by Viv on 11/07/2012   Email

Well done ladies lovely combo of dances and energies you all bring something very different to the circle. The Music wow still going round in my head. Pity weather did not allow us to dance on the checker board lawn! see you soon girls. Viv xx

Posted by Elke Dutton on 10/07/2012

The fact that you are a community of choreographers, rather like well-known communities of the past, poets,painters or writers, who have worked closely with each other and supported each other, makes the atmosphere, when dancing with you, different, and in its way quite inspiring.

Posted by Elaine on 11/03/2012

An absolute joy to dance with you in Northampton, & I just love your site, Elaine xx

Posted by Sally Ditzel on 10/07/2011   Email


Posted by Sally Adams on 23/04/2011   Email

Hello to all of you Huddlers. Having danced with Lesley Laslett at two weekend workshops in Canada, I was eager to dance with her again if possible, and after watching your 2010 Oxon Hoath slide show, i knew for certain where that would be ;-) I watched it over and over, and loved everything that it showed. And now, having actually been at the 2011 Oxon Hoath weekend, I am deriving great pleasure from watching the slide show of it. (My Canadian friends are so envious when I show it to them ;-) ) With much love and many thanks for making me feel so welcome, Sally

Posted by Anne Bostock on 14/04/2011

Hi Huddlers! How on earth did you manage to get the video of Oxenhoath 2011 on the website so quickly? It is beautiful to watch and really captures the really special and unique atmosphere. It was so lovely to dance with you all again. Here's to the next time xxxxxx

Posted by Barbara Driscoll on 06/03/2011

This is a really lovely website and truly conveys the joy, the community and ethos of Circle dancing.

Posted by lesley laslett on 04/03/2011   Email

Hello huddlers, Congratulations Lesley on a brilliant web site, just love the Quotes "We dance -----" just perfect The huddlers are great fun to be with and its alwas a joy dancing to their varied choreographies, lovely music and dances. Dont miss the opportunity to dance with them. Lots of love from Honary Huddler Lesley xx

Posted by Viv on 02/03/2011   Email

Hi Ladies, was having a boring day thought I would revisit your site.Well....very impressed...well designed,just what is needed bringing the dance into 2011. Viv xx

Posted by Sally on 13/02/2011   Email

Brilliant again Lesley! Thank you for all your hard work lil friend. Ok visitors so now it's your turn! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Posted by Susie mou on 02/02/2011   Email

THANK YOU for all your hard work in getting the site up & running again Lesley mou. Now all we need is a few more visitors!

 "We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams."


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