You cannot find a single ancient mystery in which there is no dancing

  Do take a moment or two to browse through some  of our video clips of the Huddlers' Dance Days and some of our days away ...........




May 14th Godstone Shorts

Wychcroft 2012 Part 1 (Saturday morning)

Wychcroft 2012 Part 2 (Saturday Afternoon & Evening)
Wychcroft 2012 Part 3 (Sunday)

Parklands Community Centre 4th February 2012
(added 6th February - 72 views w/e 2 March)

An assortment of dances from our day.

Abingdon November 5th 2011 29 views

 Wychcroft July 2011 30 views

 An assortment of dances from our day
Wychcroft photo video of whole weekend 30 views
Magic Night
Dose Mou Ligo Krone
Arwen and Aragorn
Hjartats Saga
Beduin Flame
Vito's Waltz
Photos LS, SK & CC - Video LS
Choreography - Sue King
Choreography - Lesley Stout
Choreography - Sally Ditzel
Choreography - Lesley Stout
Chor: Stefan - lead by Cyd
Choreography - Lesley Stout

 Abingdon July 2010 

 Kilyoum 159 views Choreography - Sue King
 So She Dances 92 views Choreography - Sally Ditzel
 Dancing the Labrynth at Abingdon Photography - Howard King

Huddlers Weekend at Wychcroft March 2009 

 Wychcroft photo video of whole weekend  Photography - Lesley Stout
 Wychcroft Waltz  Choreography Sue King
 Cyd and Sally at Wychcroft  Cyd - traditional Israeli Dance
 Gloria at Wychcroft  Choreography - :Lesley Laslett

 Huddlers Away Days!

 dancing with Dimitris Triandafyllidis  2011  Photographs  & editing - Lesley Stout
 new! Five Huddlers go to Oxonhoath April 2011  Photographs & editing - Lesley Stout
 A weekend with Lesley Laslett at Oxonhoath 2010 - a photo video Photographs & editing - Lesley Stout
 Lesley Laslett's original Song for Saprano Saxophone Choreography - Lesley Laslett
 Lesley Laslett - Consciousness Waking Choreography - Lesley Laslett
 Lesley Laslett - Arms of Creation Choreography - Lesley Laslett
 dancing with Dimitris Triandafyllidis  2010 Photographs  & editing - Lesley Stout












“God respects you when you work,
but he loves you when you dance.”

                                                - Sufi Saying

 "We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams."


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