You cannot find a single ancient mystery in which there is no dancing

Meet the Huddlers          

The Huddlers are a group of friends who enjoy all that circle dancing can bring to replenish our spirits in the ever increasing pace of today’s world.

We would like to sha

re some of our favourite dances from both traditional and new genres together with s

ome of ou

r own – inspired by the wealth of talent that the circle dancing community has grown.




Totally hooked!
If anyone had told me 12 years ago that I would desperately want to dance every week let alone choreographing my won dances, I'd jave said they were mad! However, here I am writng this whilst still on a cloud after our first thouroughly enjoyable Huddlers weekend,

A great big thank you Val, Cyd, Lesley, and especially Sue who despite a collection of mixed ability, uncoordinated, giggly girls persevered 
with us and the rest, they say is history.

I feel blessed to call these lovely people my friends and look forward to many more years of dancing together.

What's that, did someone groan?


 I started dancing in 1997, under the supervision, infinite patience and nurturing of Sue. My first ‘wow’ moment was dancing 'KitKa' in candle light at Croydon Parish Church on Christmas Eve 1997.  Circle dancing gives me such a wonderful sense of well being. It never ceases to amaze me how blessed I feel at the end of every dancing session. To leave all those feelings of stress and worry, as well as happy and light hearted moods, at the centre of the circle and dance with such lightness of spirit enables me to feel the connectivity and sense of belonging – it is a remarkable spiritual experience.

Now, after many years of inspiration by talented choreographers such as Lesley Laslett, Stefan & Bethan and Brenda Kelly - to name but a few. I have just developed the confidence to choreograph dances to music that represents key milestones in my life. This would be possible without the constant support and upholding of my lovely friends - the Huddlers.



Dancing has been part of most of my life. As a child I enjoyed ballet and tap lessons and I went to tap classes for quite a few years as an adult. So when I heard about a circle dancing group starting at our church I was immediately interested and wanted to find out more about it. I found out it wasn't about perfection and getting everything right, it was about joining in and sharing in the dancing. It was quite different from anything I had done before but from the first evening I loved it and I am still enjoying it as much now.

Meeting other people who also enjoy dancing is all part of the circle dancing experience and for me meeting my Huddler friends, who are always so helpful and supportive, has been as important as the dancing itself.

 "We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams."


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